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Gents Only Karate Programs

In our Men only sessions the men are able to blow off some steam and aggression in a controlled environment, which has been proven to be a great stress reliever!
Empowering you to:
Improve your confidence
Become more active
Master self-defence
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Karate offers numerous benefits for men, both physically and mentally

Training at Kazokudai Karate allows every member to go at their own pace. This means the fittest can find it to be an excellent workout, while those who have not exercised in years may stay well within their comfort zone.

Our training program helps improve Mental health, cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength, and endurance. We aim to engage various muscle groups and promote overall physical fitness. In our Men only session, we tend to focus on common issues faced by men in martial arts, specifically flexibility and hip mobility whilst balancing relaxed motion and speed vs physical strength and power.

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Focus Your Mind For A Healthier Body

Karate emphasises discipline, concentration, and focus. Practicing and mastering the techniques require mental concentration, which can be beneficial in other aspects of life.

In our Men only sessions the men are able to blow off some steam and aggression in a controlled environment, which has been proven to be a great stress reliever!

We aim to provide an opportunity for social interaction and the development of camaraderie amongst everyone. Building connections with fellow karate-ka can contribute to a supportive and motivating training environment.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, simply get in touch.

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Gents Only (16+)

Monday 7:15-8:15pm

Mixed Adults

Wednesday 7:15-8:15pm

Gents Only (16+)

Thursday 7:45-8:45pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here, so feel free to send us a message if you do not find what you are looking for.
What do I wear?

All Instructors and students wear the traditional all white uniform which is known as a Gi and the relevant coloured belt.

For new beginners that do not have a Gi (Karate Uniform), we suggest to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, so normal sports gear is suggested, but please refrain from wearing items which have obscenities or any other inappropriate words or slogans.

Should I wear shoes?

Not for participating in your Karate class, but please be sure to turn up and leave in a pair!

What happens in Class?

A typical Session involves:

  • A formal Bow-In.
  • Warm up exercises and karate specific stretching.
  • Kihon (Basic Techniques) – Learning and practicing basic techniques, such as punching, kicking, blocking, stance and footwork.
  • Kata (Forms) – referred to as a pattern of movement which stimulates defence against multiple attackers.
  • Kumite (Sparring) – this is taught with control and attitude – and mainly aimed at higher grade students.
  • Bunkai (Application) – the practical application of techniques.

For our younger Members, there is always lots of karate based games and activities to make sure everyone enjoys the sessions.

  • Cool down – Basic stretching – however we sometimes run out of time for this step.
  • A formal Bow-out and a reminder of the Dojo Kun – Rules of karate.
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West St, Blaby, Leicester LE8 4GY
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Our Instructors

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Chief Instructor
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Cyra Webb
Kazokudai Karate
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