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We Help Parents Raise Confident Leaders
& Adults Reach Their True Potential

Since 2016, Kazokudai has provided its members with a road map to success based on the ancient art of shokotan karate

Classes delivered with passion, experience and integrity

We are a club who aim to train in a friendly but disciplined environment to give children and adults alike the many benefits that come from learning this ancient martial art called Karate. Our Classes are big enough to add some atmosphere but small enough to allow some focus on specific needs where necessary.

The Club provides training opportunities for anyone from the age of 5 Years and over, it doesn’t matter what your physical ability is or wether you are a man, woman, child, mum or dad. There is no age limit to when you should start, and whether you are a beginner, an experienced karate or someone returning after a break - we are dedicated to helping you achieve that personal best. Just remember that everybody in the club was once a beginner so there is no reason to feel embarrassed.
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Promoting the highest standards

Kazokudai Karate was established in May 2016, when we first opened the dojo doors as an after school club in Huncote, we now we have regular classes based in our fulltime facility in Blaby. Our 2000 sqft purpose built facility is set up as a full-time dojo (training hall) which is fully matted and equipped for serious training and student development, these are maintained to the highest of standards.

This has been our base since March 2021. We offer 12 different classes a week to over 100 child and adult members across Leicestershire.
With the transformative power of karate we will help our members to become more confident, disciplined and more focused not only in their martial arts journey but in life as well. Our Instructor team have over 40 years of karate training experience - so you know you and your kids are in safe hands.

Kazokudai is proud to affiliate to the Japan Karate Association, through J.K.A.England. J.K.A is one of the most prestigious, oldest and largest shotokan karate organisation in the world.

There's Many Great Benefits To Kids Learning Karate

Did you fantasise about becoming a black belt karate superstar the you were a kid? Your dreams may have been influenced by the adventures of Danni LaRusso and Mr. Mi yagi but karate offers plenty of real-life benefits for todays kids. Here are 6 top reasons why karate is a terrific Martial art for children.
Get Active
Self Defence
Life Skills

There's Many Great Benefits To Adults Learning Karate

There are many benefits of taking a karate class. Some of these may be obvious, but some are not so
obvious. Many non-martial artists believe karate to be a fitness activity where you can learn some cool moves.
However, the benefits of martial arts for adults are much more extensive than fitness - orientated gains. Karate can improve your mental strength, allow you to adapt to different situations and improve your social life.
Self Defence

Dojo Etiquette

The Dojo (classroom) is a special place, please behave in a respectful manner and refrain from drinking, eating or wearing footwear during the lesson and using offensive language.
Feet should be cleaned with a wet wipe before entering the dojo and stepping on the mats.
Hands should be sanitised regularly before and during training.
Karate - ka (Students) should always bow when entering and before leaving the dojo, as this shows respect to others and to thank instructors for their guidance.
Be Punctual as being late for class is disruptive. If you are late you need to do 10x Push ups then wait in Seiza. (kneel/seating position), until the instructor or class leader allows you to join in, you should then bow and join the class quickly and to the position indicated by the instructor.
During class the students should always pay full attention to the instructor. When an instruction is given students, they should acknowledge with the word Oss and bow when appropriate.
Hygiene is important, please keep all forms of nails short and clean. Hair must be tied up and clear from the face and your Gi (karate suit) should be kept clean. Train with a towel if you sweat a lot and use deodorant.
NO jewellery should be worn during training; this is for safety reasons.
If you are unable to attend class, you should always notify the instructor, also if you need to leave class early please arrange this before class starts.
Parents are free to stay and watch the sessions but we request that mobile phones to be turned silent and not to distract students during their lesson, and especially NOT to walk into the class during the session for any reason.
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If you want to learn the ways of Karate, would like to find out more or have a general enquiry, get in touch.
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