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Traditional Shotokan Karate ProgramsIn Blaby, Leicester

Build your confidence, improve your fitness, get disciplined and master self-defence by training in the art of Karate
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We are a club who aim to train in a friendly but disciplined environment to give children and adults alike the many benefits that come from learning this ancient martial art called Karate. Our Classes are big enough to add some atmosphere but small enough to allow some focus on specific needs where necessary.

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Our Instructors

Holding the highest standards and mastering the ancient art of karate
Bianca Webb
Chief Instructor

Sensei Bianca began her karate journey in 1989 at the age of 7, she gained her 1st Dan Black Belt at 16 years old. Under the Instruction of Sensei Karin Prinsloo and Caron Harris at her home dojo, Pinetown JKA Karate Institute in South Africa. She has since progressed through the ranks, gaining her 4th Dan (JKA) in 2019. Under the strict instruction of Sensei Adel Ismail and Sensei Ohta of JKA England. From an early age Sensei Bianca was interested in teaching and passing on her knowledge and experience. She started assisting in classes from a brown belt level (3rd Kyu) and was teaching children’s classes when she graded to her 1st Dan and then developed into teaching adults and senior grades.

Along with her passion for teaching, Sensei Bianca has also had a significant competition career. Starting with success at local competitions and then at regional and national championships. She has also successfully represented both South Africa and England in International events. Most of Sensei’s training took place in South Africa where she was born, she then emigrated to the UK in 2003.

Sensei Bianca started her own dojo (Kazokudai Karate) in 2016. Sensei Bianca is Fully Insured with an advanced DBS, First aid trained, also she holds a child protection/Safeguarding certificate and has International JKA qualifications ( Sensei Bianca is currently the highest ranked female instructor in JKA England) :

JKAE/EKF Coaching License, International Instructor B; International Referee C and Examiner D.

Cyra Webb

Senpai Cyra began her karate journey at the young age of 6 years in 2013. She gained her Shodan (1st dan black belt) at the age of 12 in 2019 and passed her Nidan (2nd Dan) in December 2022.

Within the first 2 years of Senpai Cyra’s karate journey, she developed a passion for teaching, She felt that passing on her knowledge and expertise as well as inspiring the young people around her was important. She started assisting with classes from green belt (6th kyu) and began teaching children’s classes from June 2022.

Alongside Senpai Cyra’s passion for teaching, she discovered her thrill for competing when she participated in her first competition as an orange belt (9th kyu) at the age of 7. Since then, Senpai Cyra’s karate has grown to the point that she was accepted on the JKA England Squad in 2018, as a 1st kyu Brown Belt at the age of 10. Senpai Cyra was the only brown belt selected to Represent JKA England at the time for the European Championships held in Czech Republic in 2019, and she achieved a bronze medal in Kumite (Sparring).  She has continued to keep that high standard and claim regional, national and world titles.

Senpai Cyra is a very loved instructor, known for her bubbly and cheeky side as well as her willingness to help anyone progress.

She has been an asset to the Kazokudai Karate Team.

Sam Scott

Senpai Sam first started his karate journey at the age of 13years old, training at Sizewell, Suffolk, England. He graded to 1st Dan when he turned 17years old by Sensei Paul Perry, who was a student of Sensei Kanazawa.

He graded for his 2nd Dan JKA under the watch full eye of Sensei Ohta and the JKA technical board in February 2023, he currently holds a JKA International Instructor D licence, has a JKA England Coaching Licence. He also holds a child protection/Safeguarding certificate, and is advanced DBS checked along with being first aid trained.

He has many years of experience in teaching karate-do to people of all ages and abilities. Sam worked abroad in Singapore for several years, and joined Kazokudai Karate in 2021 after returning to the UK. He is married with two daughters, works in banking, and is also a governor at a local primary school.

Adam Sorg Malyon
Assistant Instructor

I’ve always had a love and interest for martial arts and started my interests within Judo at the age of 10 under Sensei Gary Foster but that was mainly due to having no karate dojos locally as karate was always my main focus. My Karate journey finally started in 2020 after wanting to learn karate most of my life and pushing towards 40 was the perfect catalyst to take the step to join Kazokudai Karate.

Taking 2 Gold medals at the JKAE Open Championships has been a highlight of not just my karate journey but also a huge achievement in my life.

Being able to help coach at the dojo is humbling and brings a great sense of well being seeing how students are adapting as they go through their own journey.

Luke Denton
Assistant Instructor

Hello, my name is Luke Denton and I was a late starter when it comes to karate. As a kid I always wanted to be a power ranger, but I didn’t start karate until my 30s.

As the primary caregiver to a child with additional needs I believe the benefits of karate for both mind and body are especially important for children of a young age. I also believe in leading by example so I started my karate journey at Kazokudai in 2021. In just a few short years it has taken over my life both inside and outside of the dojo, I have represented my club on both a national and regional level at competition, and was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to help teach the junior grades when my son started his own journey in 2022.

I believe strongly in being a positive role model, and a good representative of the values of karate both in and out of the dojo.

Diya Mistry
Junior Leader

Hey, I’m Diya, and I’ve been doing karate practically since I could tie my shoes. I started when I was just four years old, and now, at 11, I’m still kicking it at the dojo.

It’s been quite the journey from those days of stumbling through basic moves to where I am now. I go to karate every Monday and Tuesday and I’m currently a brown 2 stripe (one grading away from blackbelt).

My mum signed me up because she said it’s not just about kicking and punching; it’s also about discipline, etiquette and willpower. I have made lots of friends and it has made me focus and has boosted my confidence more, especially at school.

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