Sensei Bianca began her karate journey in 1989 at the age of 7, She gained her 1st Dan Black Belt at 16 years old. She has since progressed through the ranks gaining her 3rd Dan in 2005.

From a early age Sensei Bianca was interested in teaching and passing on her knowledge and experience, she started assisting classes from a brown belt and was teaching children's classes when she graded to her 1st Dan and then developed into teaching adults and senior grade classes.

Along with her passion for teaching, Sensei Bianca has also had a significant competition career. Starting with success at local competitions and then at regional and national championships. She has also successfully represented both South Africa and England in International Competitions.

Most of Sensei's training took place in South Africa where she was born. She then immigrated to the U.K in 2003.

Bianca is a Fully Insured, Advanced DBS checked and is first aid trained.

  1. JKA Nationals
    JKA Nationals
  2. JKA Europeans 2006
    JKA Europeans 2006
  3. Kata Unsu
    Kata Unsu
  4. JKA Europeans 2007
    JKA Europeans 2007
  5. JKA Nationals 2018
    JKA Nationals 2018
* Represented South Africa - 7th World Shoto Cup - France 1998 = Top 8 Under 16 Girls Kumite
* South African Protea Colours -  Zone 6 Africa Championships - Namibia 1999 
= 1st Individual Girls Kumite
* South African Protea Colours - Santa Clause World Cup - Budapest, Hungary 2000 = 2nd Individual Girls Kata
* Training Camp with Sensei Wayne Otto (OBE) - 2003
* Ryoshin Regional Championships 2004 = 1st Individual Ladies Kata, 1st Ladies Individual Ladies Kumite
* WKF National Championships - Sheffield 2004 = Top 16 Ladies Individual Kata
* JKA England National Championships Guildford 2005 = 3rd Ladies Team Kumite, Top 8 Individual Ladies Kumite
​* JKA England Squad - 2005
* JKA European Championships - Germany 2006 = 2nd Ladies Team Kumite
* JKA England National Championships Guildford 2006 = 2nd Ladies Individual Kata,
   2nd Ladies Individual Kumite, 3rd Ladies Team Kata, 1st Ladies Team Kumite
* JKA European Training Camp Friendly - Berlin 2006 = 1st Mixed Team Kumite
* Gitichin Funakoshi World Cup - Australia 2006 = 8th Ladies Team Kata, 7th for Individual Ladies Kata
* European JKA Championships - Lithuania 2007 = Top 16 Ladies Individual Kata
* GB Open Kata League Rnd 1 - Cheslyn Hay April 2017 = 2nd Individual Kata Open Veterans mixed
* GB Open Kata League Rnd 2 - Walsall Wood July 2017 = 3rd Individual Kata Open Veterans mixed,
   3rd Adult and child Pair Team Kata, 1st Senior Female Shotokan Kata
* JKA Central Championships - Hatfield UK October 2017 = 1st Ladies Individual Kata,
   1st Ladies Individual Kumite
* GB Open Kata League Rnd 3 - Cheslyn Hay October 2017 = 1st Senior Female Shotokan Kata,                
   3rd Adult and child Pair Team Kata, 3rd Individual Kata Open Veterans mixed
​* JKA 4 Nations - Crawley November 2017 = Top 16 Senior Ladies Individual Kata
* GB Open Kata League Rnd 4 - Sollihull January 2018 = 1st Individual Kata open Veterans mixed,
   3rd Senior Female Shotokan Kata, 2nd Senoir Open Team Kata.
* JKA England Squad January 2018​
* JSKA Championship - Woking February 2018 -  3rd Individual Ladies Kata 30yrs+, 3rd Individual Ladies Kumite 30yrs+
* JKA Nationals - Crawley June 2018 = 2nd Individual Ladies Senior Kata,
2nd Individual Ladies Senior Kumite
* BKF Open Championships - Leicester September 2018 = 1st Individual Veterans Kata, 2nd Individual Veterans Kumite, 3rd Ladies Senior Team Kumite
* JKA Open Championship - Crawley November 2018 = 2nd Individual Senior Ladies Kumite