Karate is a martial art system of self defence that originated hundreds of years ago on a small island called Okinawa, but was greatly influenced by and even older tradition from China.
Literally "Karate - do" means  "the way of the Empty Hand", referring to the fact that its practitioners use no weapons to attack and defend, but only the hands, feet and body.​
The style of karate we practice at Kazokudai karate is Shotokan. This style is based on the style originally pioneered in Japan by the late Master Gichin Funakoshi. 

To quote our Founder: 


" the ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of character."


Therefore the ultimate purpose of karate is not physical prowess or in the winning of matches, but the development of balance and harmony of spiritual and physical strength through strict disciplined training.

In our everyday lives we often forget the value of exercise to both our physical and mental health, The practice of karate tones the body, develops co - ordination, quickens the reflexes and builds stamina.

The more experienced karateka develop composure, a clearer thought process, deeper insight into ones mental capabilities and more self - confidence.
As such, karate is not an end, but a means to an end. Its an activity in which advancing age is not a hindrance, rather it encourages proficiency in the keen

co - ordination of mind and body.

Karate is more than just a method of self - defence. As well as being one of the most superior forms of weapon less attack and defense. Karate is also:

* A healthy and exciting sport.
* An excellent physical exercise that strengthens and tones up the entire body.
* It develops body co-ordination and improves reflexes as well as agility.
* It trains the body and mind to become aware and alert, in this way knowledge and skill replace fear.
* It teaches self - discipline and respect for others.
* It increases endurance, strength and develops all round character.
* It develops great hand eye co-ordination.


* Self Defense: Karate enables its students to defend themselves through awareness and avoidance as well as its more obvious physical and practical applications.

* Confidence: All classes are specially tailored to the class demographic so that everyone can pick up the basic moves quite quickly which the installs confidence and raises self esteem.

* Discipline: The karate we teach is non contact which educates the students to exercise control and self restraint. Along side this is teaches students to act in a respectful manner.

* Fitness: The carefully constructed drills and techniques encourage aerobic fitness and at the more advanced levels, anaerobic fitness.



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