How much do our classes cost?


We are committed to keeping training costs sensible and affordable. We have very competitive low-cost training fees

and have different types of payment methods.

Exact Fees may vary, but please bear in mind that we never ask you to sign any contracts.

New Starters are Welcome to a FREE taster week.


Is there a Membership Fee?


After the first month, all students need to be licenced with JKAE, as this provides a grading record and a

JKAE licence which covers the students Insurance. The annual licence fee is £25.


What happens in class?


A typical class involves:

* A formal Bow-in

* Warm up exercises and dynamic karate specific stretching

* Kihon (Basic Techniques) - learning and practicing basic techniques such as punching, kicking, blocking, stances and footwork

* Kata - often referred to as a pattern of movement which simulates defence against multiple attackers

* Kumite - Sparring with a partner, this is taught with attitude and control

* Bunkai - the practical application

* And for our younger students, there is always lots of karate-based games to make sure everyone enjoys the classes

* Cool down and static stretching - however we sometimes run out of time for this step

* A Formal Bow-out and reciting of the Dojo Kun



What to wear?


All Instructors and students wear the traditional all white uniform which is known as a Gi and the relevant coloured belt.

For new beginners that do not have a Gi, we suggest to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, so normal sports

gear is suggested, but please refrain from wearing items which have obscenities or any other inappropriate words or slogans.

You should eventually purchase a Gi to wear to class as you cannot test for your next belt without the proper uniform.

Uniforms are available to purchase from the Club. 

NO shoes or footwear.

Traditionally, karate is practiced with bare feet. Aside from customary reasons, we train barefoot because it's safer on the joints

and ligaments. It also reduces the chances of injuring your partner during sparring.