* The Dojo (classroom) is a special place, please behave in a respectful manner and refrain from drinking, eating or wearing footwear during the lesson and using offensive language.


* Karate - ka (Students) should always bow when entering and before leaving the dojo, as this shows respect to others and to thank instructors for their guidance.


* Be Punctual as being late for class is disruptive.

If you are late you need to do 20 Push ups then wait in Seiza. (kneel/seating position), until the instructor or class leader allows you to join, you should then bow and join the class quickly and to the position indicated by the instructor.


* During class the students should always pay full attention to the instructor. When an instruction is given students should acknowledge with the word Oss and bow when appropriate.


* Hygiene is important, please keep all forms of nails short and clean.

Hair must be tied up and clear from the face and your Gi (karate suit) should be kept clean.

Train with a towel if you sweat a lot and use deodorant.


* NO jewellery should be worn during training, this is for safety reasons.


* If you are unable to attend class, you should always notify the instructor, as well if you need to leave class early please arrange this before class starts.


* Parents are free to stay and watch the class but we request that mobile phones to be turned to silent and Not to distract students during their lesson, and especially NOT to walk into the class during the session for any reason.


Dojo etiquette are a set of rules that we follow in the dojo to help prevent injury and promote learning.


These are Kazokudai's Dojo Rules:



Dojo Kun are the principles of Shotokan karate, they are a set of guidelines for the dojo that were set out by the Okinawan Master of karate Gichin Funakoshi, the principles are set not only for the dojo but for our everyday lives.

We recite them in English at the end of class to remind us of our responsibilities as karate -ka.


They are also known for the 5 Maxims of karate:


* Character: Seek Perfection of Character

* Sincerity: Be Faithful

* Effort: Endeavor

* Etiquette: Respect Others

* Self Control: Refrain from Violent Behaviour